Canberra Pekins

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The following is a list of books I have found useful.

Pekin handbook - more info here

Australian poultry standard -This new standard was only release in 2012. A must have for anyone serious about pure breeds. Order from Poultry Stud breeders & exhibitors Victory. ie  here.

Chicken colour genetics book - This easy to read book, starts from be beginning with genetics. Order from the author ie  here

Dr Clive Carefoot's Creative Poultry breeding -  Vital reading and reference material for the serious breeder.  It can be ordered from Bellsouth

How to care for your poultry - A publication of Lifestyle block. A really great all round book/mag. These can be purchased through the CQPC. Just email Terry ( your postal address and pop $22 into the club's account. 

Name: Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club
BSB: 805 022
Account No: 03388931

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