Canberra Pekins

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For Sale

Vaccinated breeding stock

This season I have brought in a number really nice pekins from big name breeders. These birds have been vaccinated. I don't vaccinate, I prefer to breed for resistance. Based on experience of other breeders in Canberra, the introduction of vaccinated birds doesn't result in significant losses. However when I sell birds the price will reflect the increased risk of it dying down the track of Mareks.

Fertile eggs.

I've been asked a number of times if I sell fertile eggs. I don't. This is simply because I breed from my backyard and I don't have the space to keep my breeding pairs together for the whole season. I break them up once I have finished hatching.

 For sale

I don't have anything at the moment, however I estimate to be moving some pullets in March 2013.

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