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Where to buy chickens in Canberra?

When I got into chickens I found it hard to find chickens to buy.  So I thought I would list places you can get chickens in the local area. If I missed any please let me know.  Just a word of warning, some people aren't honest or unknowingly sell x's as pure breeds. The best place to buy chickens is directly from a reputable breeder.  If you don't know what breed to get, I suggest you contact the Canberra poultry club or join BYP and ask the members. There are a lot more breeds around than most know about. Unless more people take the time to get pure breeds, they will eventually disappear.

Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry club - Our local members are a great place to start. Especially if your after a certain breed. See links page for details. - Under Livestock/Poultry, never know what might come up there.

Barters & Sons Hatchery - Just outside Sydney, they deliver.  All their birds are vaccinated.

BYP - On this forum, members sell quality birds. There are transport companies that move chickens around the country side for a reasonable price.

BellChambers - A produce store in Fyshwick, they often have chicks/chickens for sale.

Goulburn or Yass Poultry auctions - Great day out. If your new to chickens, best ask people about what your planning to bid on prior to bidding. There is always people around keen to help out.

Murrumbateman hot chicks - Antia has a great selection of chickens, I think she prefers to sell fertile eggs or young chicks, but its fun watching them grow.

Berry auction - This auction is run by Shayne who donates the proceeds to local charities.  She doesn't accept roosters by them selves, which means its not an auction for people looking for meat.

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